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New interactive Radiology case report journal

The Journal of Radiology Case Reports is a new kind of journals for Radiology publications. It has just recently launched and is now accepting manuscripts for publication.

It provides:
- Open access
- Free submission
- Free publication
- Peer-reviewed
- Blinded - unbiased
- Interactive case reports
- Articles fully citable
- Every article receives DOI (Digital Object Identifier )
- Articles in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, Interactive )

Latest issue of the Journal of Radiology Case Reports

The editorial team consists of radiologists and professionals from well-renowned institutions worldwide. This is also one of its goals: to have a true international audience and authorship.

The peer review and editorial process conforms to international standards of peer-reviewed scientific/medical journals. However there are significant differences:

Dedication to case reports:
This journal is dedicated especially to Radiology case reports. Case reports are usually "neglected" by large or traditional journals, mainly due to competition with "higher value" articles (review, original research etc. ) for valuable space in the hardcopy version of the journal. As a consequence, it becomes increasingly difficult to publish interesting casuistics in a peer-reviewed and scientific environment. For these and other reasons, this online journal was born to give the opportunity to publish especially Radiology case reports.

Unique interactivity:
Interactivity is unique and allows to view the cases as seen on workstations - with scroll functions and ability to "window and level" (soon available with second viewer ). Traditionally, case reports provide only selected images which demonstrate the pathology (or pertinent findings ). This has not only a limited learning value, because the user only receives selected information and cannot "find out" the answer him/herself. But, what is more important, that this kind of provided information does not resemble the "real life" at the radiologist's workstation. When we open a study, the pathology does not jump immediately in our eyes on the first image. We have to scroll through the stack of images and have to find the pathology ourselves. Furthermore, scrolling through the stack of images helps to obtain an overview of the entire environment. This journal provides such an interactivity which is unique worldwide and makes your article very special.

Exceptional quick review:
Review process is blinded and exceptional by taking usually no more than 7 days - compared to months (and even years with revisions ) in traditional journals, which can be very frustrating for authors.

As in traditional journals, the published cases are fully citable in the Journal of Radiology Case Reports. Each article receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier ) - In these days every modern journal assigns its articles a DOI for easier referencing.

Medline/PubMed indexing of the articles is in process. It is expected that this journal will be indexed in Medline/PubMed in the next year. All accepted articles will be also indexed retrospectively. So, there is no reason to wait.

Multiple article formats:
The articles will be available in multiple formats for print and online purposes and adapted to the reader's preference: Abstract, HTML, PDF, Interactive.

Free submission and free publication:
Unlike other similar journals, which charge up to US$745 (! ) for publication of accepted articles, we don't charge you at all. The entire journal is sponsored by the non-profit organization EduRad which allows a free submission process and enables also authors with a smaller budget to submit interesting radiological topics.

The following manuscript types are currently accepted:
-Case report
-Case series
-Review article
-Original research

The following sections are available:
-General Radiology
-Pediatric Radiology
-Musculoskeletal Radiology
-Genitourinary Radiology
-Gastrointestinal Radiology
-Obstetric & Gynecologic Radiology
-Interventional Radiology
-Thoracic Radiology Chest
-Breast Imaging Mamms Edit
-Cardiac Imaging Cards Edit
-Emergency Radiology ER Edit
-Nuclear Medicine / Molecular Imaging
-Protocols & Contrast Media
-Technical/IT & Innovative
-Letter to the Editor / Opinion
-Interesting Image

The journal is still searching for potential reviewers for certain sections and would also like to invite you to become one of our journal reviewers. To do so, please checkmark the "Reviewer" box on the registration site and type in your areas of interest and expertise.

Visit and click on the link "Submit article" in the top menu or click directly on the following link:

Maybe we will see also your article soon in one of its upcoming issues?

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